As your Medical Technologists/Clinical Laboratory partner, our statement says it best:

We are extraordinary people called to do extraordinary work!

Up to three quarters of all medical decisions are based at least in part on laboratory data. We could be your important member of your health care team and will be engaged in truly meaningful work, making a difference in future patients’ health and wellness.

Within the clinical sector only, several billion tests per year occur, utilizing state of the art instrumentation, computer systems, and facilities. Our sales program offers an outstanding faculty of technical clinical field engineers, who are able to assist you in the correct choice of equipment and setup, and we provide the after-sales service.

Not only is the job market extremely strong nationwide for those with a clinical laboratory science background, but the choices that can be made within that job market are amazing – clinical labs, research and development, the pharmaceutical industry, large equipment manufacturers and computer companies, biotechnology, infection control and emerging diseases, forensics labs, environmental labs, and teaching programs. The opportunities are practically endless. This is why we have partnerships with the leading brands in science technology; if we can’t do it, it needs to be invented.