INTERACS is a global leader in commercial aircraft leasing, with the scale, expertise, and dedication to deliver innovation solutions for our customers around the world.

Our team of industry professionals serves every major and developing commercial aviation market around the world. For years INTERACS has been providing flexible, customized and competitive aviation finance solutions to airlines worldwide. Our staff is known throughout the industry for providing an unmatched level of knowledge and
consultative expertise to our customers, helping them to meet their business goals.INTERACS’ current portfolio is over 150 modern aircraft strong, the most desirable commercial aircraft Airbus and Boeing. The INTERACS fleet features a full range of the most popular aircraft types including both narrow-bodied and wide-body aircraft to serve customers ranging from international flag carriers, low cost airlines, regionals, air freight, charter, and domestic operators.

About AIRBUS A320

Manufacturer Airbus, Type A320, Length 37,57 m, Wingspan 34,10 m Height (from the ground) 11,76m , Interior width 3.70 m, Chairs for passengers 180 (1class)
Empty weight 42 400 kg Max, Max takeoff weight 77.000 kg, liters of fuel 29 680,Engines 2, Cruising speed Mach 0.79 Max, range 5700 km

About AIRBUS A321

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