INTERACS recognized the market trends at an early stage and has systematically focused on the offshore sector for years. With great success! Since the start-up three years ago, our shipyard group has consistently looked to new markets and niche areas, and it has established itself as a “maritime system integrator“ for offshore structures, high-tech ships and system solutions.

We are making great strides in our role as designers of the maritime future. Our new website now offers you an insight into a world, in which we are making the ideas and projects of tomorrow a reality of today. INTERACS is a comprehensive company holding the idea of working in the field of beneficial production activities for the purposes of obtaining a position suited to the global markets. In order to achieve this objective, INTERACS has combined the creative and innovative ideas with the world’s latest technologies and has established a futuristic management on its crest so that it could supply brand, high- quality products in the field of designing, manufacturing and repairing different types of vessels and also designing, manufacturing and installing offshore structures in the framework of world standards.

Therefore, that has made “INTERACS pioneer in marine industries” the axis of its motto and has focused its efforts in the world line. We hope to establish the marine sector in INTERACS and be the competent pioneers of this industry in international societies through God almighty’s help and the cooperation of the honorable colleagues.

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